Special Events

Thank you for considering Skinny Mini's for your event!
We are so pleased you stopped by!

For special events or large orders, we request atleast a two week notice to be sure to make your cupcakes are delicious as possible and to order in any necessary items. If this is not possible, don't hesitate to call and check with us on our availablility!

Skinny Mini's does use marshmallow fondant for extra decoration to cupcakes. If you are interested in any fondant decorations please contact us to see what we can create for you!

Special Flavor Requests:
If you do not see a flavor that interests you, or have something special in mind, we are always creating new combinations and flavors! Feel free to ask!

Cupcake Liners:
For certain events it is nice to have the cupcake liners match certain colors. This is also why we request the two week notice so we can supply you with cupcakes that not only taste delicious, but look fabulous too!

I currently have two cupcake stands to choose from. There are three glass stands that can be used seperatly or together fo either size cupcakes, and a white stand that holds 18 regular size or square cupcakes. If you are interested in a larger stand for your wedding or event please feel free to discuss this with me as I am interested in purchasing one shortly. Just because I don't have it doesn't mean it isn't possible!
For special orders it may be necessary to set up a consultation to meet all your needs. During the consultation an estimate will be given to you for the order and cofirmed before the event.